MPX³ 32 mA – magnetic – motor protection – 3P

A need for control and protection of motors is found in every sector: heating, ventilation, air conditioning in commercial buildings; pumps, compressors, conveyors, machines in industrial buildings, etc.
Legrand motor protection circuit breakers, contactors and thermal relays provide a solution to all these applications.

High performance, complementary functions, compactness, ease of mounting, variety of auxiliaries… all these qualities make them suitable for installation in distribution boards and control enclosures.

MPX³ motor protection circuit breakers up to 100 A
With just 4 case sizes, the MPX³ range of circuit breakers offers uncompromising performance and functionality for protecting motors up to 100 A, all in a compact space: high breaking capacity and type 2 coordination for optimum level of service, tripping class 10, sensitivity to phase loss, etc.

Auxiliaries and accessories for greater flexibility
Whatever your installation specifications, you will always find a solution thanks to the wide range of auxiliaries and accessories dedicated to MPX³ circuit breakers:

  • Supply busbars and terminals for connecting circuit breakers in parallel
  • Rotary handle for mounting on door
  • IP65 case with black or yellow and red rotary handle
  •  Front or side mounting auxiliary contacts
  •  Shunt trips and undervoltage releases